Introduction of Győr

Győr is situated in the north-west part of the Carpathian basin, at the western edge of the country, in the centre of Kisalföld, east to the Alps.

It always had a key role in the region's life in the history. Győr situated between two very significant capitals of Europe, Vienna and Budapest, is one of the most dynamically developing city of the country. Audi Ag plays a key role in its industry.

Győr is provided with all infrastructures necessary for modern trading: motorway, harbour on the bank of Danube, airport, main railway. Győr is the city of rivers. Danube, Rába, Rábca and Marcal meet here, perhaps this is why it is called as the city of meetings.

With its wonderful corner balconies its historic downtown contains the most beautiful baroque square of Europe. The city is full with sights, renaissance buildings, churches, baroque palaces, since Győr received a rank of town in 1271.

Visitors wishing to have a rest may also satisfy their demands, as Győr is rich in thermal waters. Mineral water springing from a depth of 2000 metres contributes to the healing of visitors, while they can find anything from wellness to weight loosing programs in the adventure bath.

Public catering is patinated in Győr.

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